Welcome Spring!

My goodness, it has been awhile! Life sometimes gets in the way doesn’t it?

I have been busy working on my auction site and my house. Trying to balance both and it isn’t working out so well 😦
I was told to pick out carpet for the house – that was a month ago. We did that and placed the order. Sales lady says to expect at least four weeks to come from the East Coast and they don’t ship until the semi-truck is full. Understandable since the cost of fuel is going through the roof.
Goody! This gives me time to paint the walls & trim, fix doorways and floor, etc before the carpet gets here 🙂 Ok, I am ready! You can deliver & install my carpet any day now *hint*

So, while I am waiting on those installers I decided to clean up some of my computer files. Then I realized I hadn’t posted on my blog in – Forever! So sorry to have neglected this. Will try to be better in the coming months

I packed up a lot of stuff to move it out of the way and had to put it in the spare room, which is also my craft storage area. You cannot even get in the door now. *rolling eyes* I have decided to part with things that I have hung onto for one reason or another and haven’t used for a long time.

Things like small wooden trunks that I was going to make into treasure chests, extra lamps that have glass globe bases that you can fill with “things” related to the room it will illuminate. My mother had a large one she filled with seashells. The shells she hand picked from a Florida beach, really cool. I was thinking of putting vintage sewing notions in one I am keeping. Thread, needles in decorative needlekeepers, vintage sewing booklets, patterns, tape measures, etc. I think you get the idea – and make a lampshade from sewing themed fabric. I also have kept tons of craft supplies for various items I would make, or thought I would make.

I will be sorting out and selling a lot of kept items so look for my notification on my Facebook page in a few weeks. Hopefully, you will want to give my items a new home 😉
I have a few things listed right now you might be interested in.
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Wishing you all a Joyous New Year!

Now that the hustle & bustle of the holiday is over, I can get back to daily life. At least as close to normal as I can get lol!

I love to sew & paint and both have been neglected for months. I make cloth dolls and am venturing into paper clay dolls, which I adore.  There are lots of artists out there and the creations they make are amazing and inspiring.

Americana and Folk Art are my favorite themes to work with. Both in decorating and artistry. Combine those with primitive wares and I am comfortable in my surroundings 🙂

Right now I am working on a primitive collectible representing a chat board that I am a member of.  A few members expressed interest in someone making something that relates to the group, in a decorative sort of way. Something to hang on a wall or sit on a shelf.  I must say that my artistic energy came up with a great idea, but I cannot show or tell what it is yet as the board members don’t even know! Maybe a picture to post later………

Holidays – well, Valentines is coming up fast so I think I will skip making things for that holiday and go right for St Patrick’s and Easter or Spring. At least, I should get something accomplished by spring Hahaha!

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Thank you for stopping by, I promise to get better at this!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

Gosh, I did not realize it has been so long since my last post. This time of year is so busy!

Mailed out my last box for Christmas yesterday. We are spending the holiday at home this year and I got into the decorating mood, dragging out All of my ornaments and trims. Found things that I had forgotten about 🙂

Instead of getting out the box with the artificial tree in it, I decided to use the grapevine tree that is displayed all year round. It was my mother’s. She was surprised with it (from me!) on the last Christmas we had with her. I loved it as much as she did.

It is sitting on an old trunk displayed in front of the large window of the living room. It is so pretty with or without the lights on. Kinda gives you the feeling that mom is still here, in spirit that is 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my postings. Please leave a comment, if you would like.

Have a Merry Christmas and Safe Travels throughout the season!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As I head out the door to be with my family for Thanksgiving festivities, I reflect on things in my life that I am thankful for.

I thank God for my health, my loving family, and all the things in life that make me happy!

I wish you all well, be safe in your travels, and have a grand day 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving! from my heart to yours

Just listed a few primitive items for sale!

Painting pattern books, primitive wares. Items are useful as is or add some greenery, sweet annie, pip berries, grubby candle, one of those new flickering candles, or whatever you desire!
I have too many things and need to clear some out. These items are offered as found and like most old and used items, you may find a nick, chip, stain, etc and each listing has these noted if it applies

Please ask any questions and yes, you can buy them directly from me if you don’t want to sign up as a buyer on the website.
Have a great prim day!
Dusty of Sunset Primitives


I question myself……….

am I considered a hoarder??? I do wonder if I fall into that questionable category of holding on to too much stuff.  But how much is too much? Wouldn’t it differ in each person?

I have always had the creativity of turning regular everyday things into useful or decorative items. But in recent years, with less time for my creative desires, I tend to want to rid my life of ‘stuff’ that I will never, ever, do anything with.

Then, television brought us that insightful show about people who hoard all kinds of things. I am not like them!!!! I tell myself. My house is clean, I can eat at my dining table on any day of the week, trash goes in the dumpster twice a week. BUT, our spare bedroom is stacked to the ceiling with crafty supplies of various kinds. I have to move boxes and totes to get to anything (because, no matter what I am looking for – it will be in the container on the bottom of the stack !) and this, I admit, is getting ridiculous.

A few days ago I was looking for a painting pattern in the cupboard that holds my project books & some supplies.

So while I had the books out, I thought I would update my list of  painting books inventory. I did find a couple of duplicate books (imagine that!) and have listed one of them on my auction site here: http://tinyurl.com/Prairie-Folk-Art

This book is not easy to find on the internet and I do believe it is out of print, but not positive.

I love primitive projects and am anxious to get started on some soon.

Comments are encourage and Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

Musings of today

As I wander through the internet, reading this and that, a thought pops in my head

In today’s world of fast paced daily lives and advancing technology, how calming to be able to sit – face to face- and chat with a friend over lunch without restrictions of time.  Topics such as business adventures (which neither of us wanting to consider), crafty things, personal thoughts, and general daily complaints and comments.

I have a cell phone, but do not text anyone.  I am from an older generation that remembers “party lines” from the telephone service and if you wanted to talk to your friends you went to their house or they came to yours. Hours and hours of laughter and chatter as we played the day away.

Even with advanced technology supposedly making our life easier & getting things done faster, we can still add to our daily lives with a primitive way of living. A simpler time.  Hand sewing, baking from scratch, gardening, walking to the corner store for a soda pop.

New movie to rent through your television connection?  Cell phones with internet service? Oh My! I am in the dark ages! lol!

But I will still enjoy the simple things that make my everyday life – liveable 🙂